When the termination head has been submerged over a period of time, the swivel collar gets stuck due to marine growth and corrosion. This makes rotation of the swivel collar impossible for the ROV alone.. The tool package consists of an Acid Clamp Tool and a Swivel Collar Rotation Tool, designed to aid the ROV in rotating the swivel collar on the RTS termination heads.

The Acid Clamp Tool creates a habitat for injection of citrus acid that will clean the clamp and dissolve any corrosion or calcification.

The Swivel Collar Rotation Tool is a contingency tool to the Acid Clamp Tool. If the collar is still stuck after the acid wash the SCRT is installed to force the collar into position.


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Animation of ACT

Animation of SCRT

Video of SCRT from operation on Maria fields, DeepOcean and Edda Freya June 2016.